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Oral Hygiene Products

Tongue cleaner for refill
- The SangA E-clean Tongue Cleaner has an excellent effect in removing
  oral smell by removing bacteria and bacterial membrane
- Using our Tongue Cleaner product will enhance the palate of the tongue
  and reduce periodontal disease and caries, and this product has over
  700% effectiveness compared to that of cleaning your tongue with a
  toothbrush .
- It reduces the nausea and vomiting which are caused when using other
  tongue cleaner products
- The cleaner part can be exchanged with a refill so that you can use it
  hygienically and economically.
- It is designed with the protrusions of the tongue in consideration and it is
  softer than a toothbrush so your tongue won’t feel tingly after use.
Product code
Handle material PP
non-toxic acetal
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