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Interdental Brush

  Characteristics of E-clean interdental toothbrush  
- It's a delicate and soft interdental toothbrush that enables you to remove foreign objects and dental plaque effectively.
- It's designed in an I form and is very comfortable to use since you can bend it at the narrow part of the plastic body.
- The interdental toothbrush is effective for people who have teeth that the interdental toothbrush can pass through the gaps,
    and you have to use the right brush size suitable for your teeth.
Interdental toothbrush
08. Teekeeper Refill Brush (10P)
Characteristics of E-clean Teekeeper Refll Brush
- Teekeeper refill brush (10 Pieces)
Product code
Wire material
Stainless Steel (SUS304, SUS316)
Brush material
Nylon (Dupont Tynex)
Handle / Cap
Brush shape
Cylinder type Cone type Cylinder type Cone type
Diameter of passage
between teeth
0.9 Ø 1 Ø
Wire thickness 0.25 mm
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